What services can Mirii Art Provide?

Caitlin is proud to be involved across a diverse range of projects across government sectors, corporate organisations, community and non-profit organisations.

Caitlin can assist you with: large scale murals, designing public art pieces, delivering creative and educational workshops, and providing consultation relating to Reconciliation Action Plans design and content.

  • Reconciliation Action Plans

    Caitlin can engage in consultation regarding Reconciliation Action Plans. This includes creating artwork and digital designs for official documents.

  • Murals

    Murals are a fantastic way to brighten a space in a culturally inclusive way. Caitlin is proud to have completed multiple indoor and outdoor murals across Sydney.

  • Public Art Designs

    From facade artworks, to public banners and website icons, Caitlin can provide unique and exclusive artworks to suit your needs!


Caitlin also delivers a wide range of creative and educational events, embedded in local Aboriginal knowledge.

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